Book love

Friday morning started off poorly. My younger child is struggling in school this year and I was feeling sad about it. So when the children arrived for class and I still wasn’t in a good mood, I decided I would put myself in a good mood.

When it was time for morning meeting, I gathered together a large stack of our favorite books, and put them on my red chair.

“Are you giving those to us?!” asked K., her eyes glowing. (She was clearly remembering all of our RIF giveaways this year, each of which began with a stack of books on my red chair.)

“No, sweetie, these are our favorite books. If I give them all away we won’t have them to read anymore.”

We went through the pile, talking about each one — “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! I LOVE that one!” “Ohhhh, Stellaluna!” “Doctor Desoto — remember when he tricked the fox with glue?” “The Gingerbread Man!” “Chrysanthemum!” “Swimmy!” “Look, that one has a Caldecott!” “No, David!” “Farmer Duck: how goes the work?”– and glorying in our wonderful books.

Then each child carefully decided on a favorite book and took it to the table with a “my favorite book” page. Most of them were able to write their own names and copy the title of the book, and then page through the books to find the best picture to draw.

Their finished work was wonderful, and it will be a much-loved class book when we laminate it and put it together on Monday. And…I felt much better.


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