Rainy Friday

I haven’t been feeling quite right all week, but I put it down to a combination of grim weather, not getting enough sleep, and worrying about my younger son.  My husband thinks it might be mild seasonal affective disorder.  At any rate, it took everything I had just to get through the morning.

On the down side, it is cold, grey, and wet outside.  The weather is likely to continue to be awful until sometime next week.  The children were incredibly loud all morning, and I kept whispering in their ears, “please use a quiet voice,” to no avail.  And I am so very tired.

On the up side, L. brought up the subject of her birthday at morning meeting, and it seems that she understands now.  She was happy about her birthday, so we talked a lot about how special it will be.  I had a good conversation with the principal of my children’s school yesterday, and he took my concerns very seriously.  He will be talking to the teacher today, and I hope that soon, things get better for my seven year old.  And finally, it’s Friday.  I don’t work in the afternoon, and I can cocoon at my house, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


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