The little things, part 2

Perhaps because I really started out teaching in daycare, before I taught kindergarten at that inner-city school, I still obey the rules about licensing and ratios and proper supervision.  I never want to have my students out of my sight, because if something happened to them, it would be my responsibility. 

So — I want to avoid having children go out into the hall to put their papers in their backpacks.  Send a few 4 year olds out in the hall together and pretty soon they are running around and chasing each other.

I bought a file basket, and have one hanging file for each child, of course labeled and arranged in ABC order.  (We do lots of things in ABC order!)  Whenever a child finishes a drawing or makes a book or does a worksheet, they go put it in their “work file”.  A few times a week my assistant moves their work into their backpacks.

No kids unsupervised in the hall, and no papers on the floor of the hall, where they fell from being haphazardly stuffed into a cubby or locker….


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