Reading First schools aren’t getting results?

I read in the paper yesterday that schools designated as Reading First schools, who get extra funds to do extra work in teaching reading, are not getting the hoped-for results.  My school isn’t a Reading First school, but my heart sank when I read this.  It makes me wonder if the things my school and district are doing — moving toward balanced literacy and readers & writers workshops — will make any difference.

I’ll bet the Reading First schools are filled with teachers who have been working really hard to use best practices to teach reading effectively, and that they are all so disappointed.

Or am I wrong?  Because the Reading First grants are part of NCLB and thus come from the Bush administration, are they suspect?  What really goes on at a Reading First school, anyway?


3 thoughts on “Reading First schools aren’t getting results?

  1. A reading first school? What exactly is a reading first school? I honestly don’t think that a reading teacher should get more money than any other teacher however, if these schools are specialized schools that are trying to “move toward balanced literacy and readers & writers workshops” then, just like any other specialized teacher (ESL, Special Ed, etc) they should get more funding because they are working to better our general education schools and help the students. I hope this is what you mean with this blog! Please explain reading first schools if I am not on target with this comment! Thank you!

  2. Reading First grants come from the funding for NCLB. I’m not sure what the criteria are for getting the grants, but they use current research on teaching reading to support those schools to improve their reading scores. The teachers don’t get paid more; the schools get the funding, perhaps to pay for more teachers, or the necessary training.

    My point was that even with all the support and funds, they aren’t making a difference. So how can those of us without the Reading First money make a difference?

    It seems like discouraging news to me.

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