Taking a test to teach reading

New Connecticut teachers are going to have to take a test to prove that they know enough about teaching reading.  I’ve been following this with interest, and have read several angry comments from CT teachers. 

I’m for it, and would have no problem taking this test if I lived in CT.  Teaching reading is rocket science and it’s clear with our poor reading test scores that not enough teachers know how to do it.

I was very frustrated when I started teaching, with a newly-minted M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education.  While I had learned a lot of things about reading, I didn’t really learn how to teach it, and what I did learn was slanted strongly toward whole language.  I had to try to learn on my own, and wasted a lot of time.

Now I’m actually learning what teachers need to do, and am really grateful for the information and the professional development.  I hate to say it, but of the teachers who are protesting, how many of them are scared they won’t pass?



One thought on “Taking a test to teach reading

  1. I’ve always found the skill of learning to read fascinating, and have volunteered for years (5 to be exact) helping with the literacy program (1st graders) at my daughter’s school. It’s a shame if teachers are scared of the new law. Maybe the state could reassure these teachers that there would be training before the testing to help them understand what was needed/expected of teachers and teach them what/how to teach and meet the literacy requirements. The unknown can be scary, even for professionals.

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