a sad thing to see

A few years ago, I was in the teacher’s lounge, feeling exhausted.  A middle school teacher (my school is preschool through 8th grade) asked how things were going, and I told her all about how difficult my kids were being.  I then asked her how she was doing, and she told me, “I’m really depressed.  My 8th graders are starting to have sex, and I can’t stop them from being so stupid.”

That silenced me.  Nothing on a bad day in preschool is quite like that.

This Friday started out inauspiciously, with a migraine at 5:30 am.  When the kids arrived off the buses I still felt pretty bad.  Then I saw something I’d never seen before at any school I’ve ever worked at:  a pregnant student.

I asked around, and she is in 8th grade, but is 16 and really should have moved on to the high school.  Still.  She’s in 8th grade and she’s pregnant.

I had a hollow feeling inside me all day.


2 thoughts on “a sad thing to see

  1. I understand your grief. As a high school teacher, even in a school known for having quality students, we occasionally have some issues with student behavior. For the first time this year, we have had a student bringing drugs to school, and it turned out also to be an 8th grader who bought them from a 10th grader here at our school. It is so sad because you know that students make these choices for a variety of reasons. For a girl, it points to a lack of security and a desperate need to feel loved in some way. How sad!

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