What we did this year

I asked the children to tell me the story of our year yesterday, so they told me things that we did, played, learned, and sang, and I wrote it all down.  Here are some samples:

This year, we:

  • had a necklace of nametag on the first day of school
  • didn’t know how to write our names on the 1st day of school
  • learned how to write our names
  • had field day
  • had a fall party
  • made necklaces on the 100th Day of School
  • had Hat Day
  • had Crazy Hair Day
  • ate popcorn and cake
  • had Hot Chocolate Day
  • had Gingerbread Day
  • played with trains
  • had Pizza Day (wow, notice a food theme?)
  • had Dress Up Day
  • learned how to count the numbers
  • learned letters
  • learned how to tie shoelaces
  • went to the library
  • went to the park
  • sang “I Think You’re Wonderful”
  • sang “I am a Pizza”
  • sang “Octopus”

We even looked at our daily sign-in book from the first day of school.  Only one child could write her full name, and many of the kids didn’t even try.  There were also lots of mysterious and cryptic scribbles.  Then we looked at the page from that morning, and it was amazing to see the difference.  Even M. can write her name.

This is a nice thing about this part of the year, when you look back on all your great memories.


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