Diary of a preschool teacher, pt. 2

It’s Friday night, I’ve got three days of teaching left, and I’m one glass of chardonnay down so far.  In my role as mentor teacher, I did an observation cycle (pre-observation conference, observation, post-observation conference) with a teacher who didn’t want me in her room all year, so it came down to the last minute.  So far in the last week she has ranted & raved, sent me a rude email (upsetting because seriously, I never get those), and complained about me to the principal.  I was DREADING the observation.

Then I go into her room, watch her do the lesson, and guess what?  It was beautiful.  She complained all year, but boy did she learn a lot in the end.  Afterward I told her, “you know what?  You are full of shit.”  She looked surprised, but grinned when I told her how good her lesson was.  So I gave her really good scores and we survived today’s conference relatively unscarred.  I still haven’t told her off, the way I’ve wanted to all week, but maybe I never will.

I just know that in the fall, if she tries to use me as her punching bag again, I’m not going along with it.  We have a really weird relationship; it’s not a close friendship, but it’s definitely a close something.  She’s the one whose shoulder I cried on when my son was having trouble in school, and I knew I could say “you’re full of shit” and have her understand what I was talking about.

Anyway, on to the diary of a preschool teacher.  This week in preschool:

  • One of my students — I am reluctant to say who — mouthed the toilet seats at the end of a rough morning.  It wasn’t a deliberate action, but more the action of someone who was not in control of his/her emotions, behavior, senses, or mental health.
  • J. laughed today, for the first time all year.  She is a quiet girl for whom English is not the first language, and when I heard her delightful laughter from the block corner, I was thrilled, but also chagrined that I hadn’t realized I’d never heard it until now.
  • We’ve been singing the ABC’s all week.  Then we started singing the ZYX’s, which I learned from Ralph’s World, and the kids love the part where we sing, “Next time let’s all move to Texas.”
  • In keeping with my tastes in snarky humor, we read Do Not Open This Book, and Good Boy, Fergus, and Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, and my kids understood all the humor and participated in reading with great enthusiasm.  No boring books in my classroom!
  • Mysteriously, two or three books each day have ended up on my desk needing repairs.  A few are probably beyond repair.  I can’t figure out what’s happening, as my class LOVES books, and all year we’ve had this happen about once every two or three weeks at most.

On Monday we have our end of the year party, on Tuesday we’re going to take down and put away and clean clean clean, and then on Wednesday we’re going to the library for story time, and then we say goodbye.


3 thoughts on “Diary of a preschool teacher, pt. 2

  1. I have the same problem with our books, I just chalk it up to instilling a love of reading and books. The evidence of a tool being used hard! Have a great summer.

  2. I greatly admire your combination of empathy and achievement. The kids in your classroom are lucky to have you as their teacher. You’ve more than earned your summer vacation!

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