A bad ending

I’m glad we had Monday at the park, because the last day of school wasn’t so great.  Our plan was to walk to the library for storytime, which would have been really fun (and would have taken up most of the morning).  Alas, it rained heavily, so we were trapped inside our small, humid classroom which we were all thoroughly sick of.

David was hyper and I actually yelled at him.  Twice.  Miss L. stayed under the house corner table for a long time, where I later found she had shredded several tissues.  David and A. were even louder and more shrill than usual, C. and the other boys switched centers (leaving messes behind) continually, and I felt frantic.

What was worst was that J.’s sister came in at the start and told me in halting English that O. had exposed himself to J. on the preschool bus, and then the behavior lady, the social worker, and the assistant principal all got involved, and my baby O. got suspended!  On the last day of school, no less, and he never even got to say goodbye.  The poor guy is still four years old, he’s never done anything like this before that we know of, he can barely form a sentence let alone hold a conversation or tell a coherent story about something that happened on another day, and he’s probably a candidate for special education.  And J. wasn’t upset.  AND HE’S FOUR.  I told the AP I disagreed with his decision and he said that the punishment was consistent for anyone who exposes themselves, even if they’re only four, even if it’s the last day of school.

Having that happen just put me in the worst mood all day.

Now I’m back at work to clean up and seal up my room, and I find out that Jan has been laid off.  So I’m losing my wonderful wonderful assistant teacher, on top of everything else.  (I’m already losing Ali, who is going to be a preschool teacher at another school, and I might lose Nan, who wants to finally use her social work license.)

I wrote O. a love note, saying what a good boy he is and how much I enjoyed having him in my class, and sent it home with his older brother.  I decided to skip the staff party, being totally not in a party mood or in a mood to hang out with coworkers.

I went home, had a glass of wine, and read the notes I got from two parents, and they were lovely.  It was nice to be appreciated.

Now it’s summer.  Once I adjust to the reality of being just a housewife (it always really bugs me the first week of summer), I will relax and enjoy myself.


3 thoughts on “A bad ending

  1. (((Hugs))) Sorry the last day turned out that way. I agree with your frustration over your student’s suspension. He’s 4… Sorry to hear about losing your assistant teachers. I hope your summer is restful.

    Do you teach during the summer?

  2. Nope, not since I had children. I’m hoping to get the house organized, do a lot of reading and walking and yoga, and take things easy. My boys love to be busy, so I’ll be driving them to various camps, and we have some family vacations scheduled.

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