Teaching on the Titanic

What a discouraging week.  The lead master teacher at my school has decided to work elsewhere.  She wants to work at a school with strong leadership and a staff dedicated to improving results for children.  That witch!!!  Seriously though, can you blame her?

So I am left contemplating a return to work in the fall, minus the one person who knew what we needed to do to improve, minus 3-4 great teachers who have left for better schools, and with a principal who seems utterly incapable of providing the leadership we need.

In one of her last acts as a master teacher at my school, Wonder Woman sent out a report on how we did meeting our goals for the year.  Only K, 2, and 3 did well.  Everyone else actually increased the number of students failing the state test.

I want to quit the mentoring program, go into my classroom, shut the door, and focus only on my kids, to the exclusion of every single freakin’ adult in my building.


3 thoughts on “Teaching on the Titanic

  1. Therem are days when you just need a time out from the other teachers. Keep up the good fight and know that you are an angel to your kids.

  2. Thanks, kirchy and Mrs. V. I appreciate your support. I’m trying not to think about it right now, but I will have to come up with a plan for the fall — what I’m going to do, and how I can think positively.

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