The Roald Dahl Funny Prize

Isn’t this wonderful news?  A new prize has been created, in Roald Dahl’s name, to honor the best funny books for children.  Two prizes will be awarded in November — one for the funniest book for children six and under, and one for the funniest book for children seven to fourteen.

I wonder what kind of humor they will award the prizes to….It seems to me that I will often read reviews of children’s books that say a particular book is very funny, and when I get it from the library, it really falls flat.  But maybe it’s my sense of humor, which leans towards more modern humor.  I hope a book along the lines of I Will Surprise My Friend, Scaredy Squirrel, Punk Farm, or Slide, Already! wins.

(Quentin Blake illustration of Matilda courtesy of Google Images)


3 thoughts on “The Roald Dahl Funny Prize

  1. There are lots of good choices out there. Humor is so subjective. I’ve got more of a sarcastic sense of humor, but I also like the plain old silliness of some books. I’ll have to think on it.

  2. I absolutely love Roald Dahl–my favorites are The Enormous Crocodile and Revolting Rhymes. My kids love them read-aloud and we had so many great discussions…I also read them excerpts of the biography and keep dozens of other titles for literature circles and author studies. What a great prize 🙂

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