Not really looking forward to September

When I heard that Wonder Woman was moving on to a better school, I emailed the principal (let’s call him the Prince, shall we?) telling him my concerns and asking for some reassurance. 

That was a month ago, and no, of course he hasn’t responded.  The Prince probably doesn’t have email underground where he’s buried his head.  Ostriches probably don’t really DO email. 

I bumped into Nan on the street yesterday, and it was wonderful to see her.  At least I have her.  In September:

  •  I’m going to have a new assistant, and it could be someone terrible (someday I will post about “Marlene,” the world’s worst assistant teacher)
  • I’m going to have a new teacher for my special ed students, since Ali is going off to teach her own preschool class
  • Wonder Woman is gone (and her replacement can’t possibly be that good)
  • our good AP is gone and the replacement has been demoted from principal (!) and makes people raise their eyebrows when you say that she’s the new AP….

In September I am going to work really hard on the art of LETTING GO and will do my work as mentor teacher professionally and with as little stress or emotional involvement as possible.

And mostly I’m just going to go in my room and SHUT THE DAMN DOOR and concentrate on four year olds, who can be a lot more wonderful than most grown-ups.

One thought on “Not really looking forward to September

  1. 4 year olds are a lot more fun than most grown-ups! I think they even have a better grasp on reality, most days, LOL. (((hugs))) I hope everything works out okay for you. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. I’m starting my prep work next week… August is coming up quickly.

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