Science Fridays

I’m reading The Canon, by Natalie Angier, for my book club, and it has got me thinking about the fact that I don’t do much science in my classroom.  I don’t even have a science center, because I’ve never been able to figure out where to squeeze one into my tiny space. 

Last night I sat in my comfy chair next to the balcony door, and looked at the trees out back, and felt the breeze coming in, and fantasized about making room for science in my classroom and in my curriculum.

I think we’re going to start with Science Fridays (taking a hint from NPR).  Now I need to figure out what we’re going to DO.  I think we might start by taking biweekly walks to the lake in our neighborhood to see what we can see, and to observe and document changes (in the lake, trees, plants, and animals) over the seasons.

Any other ideas?  What are some great sources for preschool science curriculum?


3 thoughts on “Science Fridays

  1. We have a science table, but we have plenty of room. However, let me go through some of my things and figure out which activities would take up little space, and could even be done at a group time or small group activity. I’m sure I have plenty of ideas too.

    One to start out with for the school year:

    Germy Bread: Have all the children rub their hands on one slice of bread right before they wash their hands. Put it in a ziploc baggie (I also tape the bag shut for good measure) and watch the germs grow over the next week. It’s amazing what 20 pairs of hands have on them. Ewww… But it gets the point across about washing hands. Great opportunity for magnifying glasses and books about handwashing.

    I’ll get back to you on this. If I forget, just remind me over at my blog or drop me an email.

    Mrs. V

  2. Process skills! Observing, classiffying, sorting, measuring, predicting, etc. My wife just took a couple of 4/5 yr-olds on a nature walk a few weeks back. She gave them each a notepad and a pencil. They drew all the different bugs they saw and absolutely loved it. You can do all of those things with kids of any age.

  3. Two thumbs up for your science friday idea! I would suggest that you check out-
    1. Anything written by Karen Worth
    2. NSTA’s Head Start on Science book (A collection of activities appropriate for pre-school students.
    3. The cartoon itself has a lot of science content (it is NSF funded). The website has a large collection of activities appropriate for pre-school students.

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