What my classroom looks like

I stopped by today — the first time I’ve ever been to my classroom in the middle of summer, and all my furniture was piled up in the hall by my cubbies.  I went inside and it was completely empty, except for all the dust bunnies. 

Well, and the tech guy who is currently installing my videodata projector from the ceiling.  Whoo hoo!  He was surprised to see me, but I think he liked hearing my enthusiasm and thanks.  He said this is all he’s doing this whole summer — visiting 24 schools and putting the vdp’s in every classroom.

I asked him if he had an extra smartboard he could give me, but alas, no.

I dropped off all the stuff I bought and then went home with tons of curriculum materials so I can start lesson planning.  The beginning of the year is always so stressful for me, I figure, if I at least plan out the first few weeks, things will go easier.

(image courtesy of www.physicalgeography.net, via Google Images)


4 thoughts on “What my classroom looks like

  1. I’m planning right now too. I’ve even got my checklist updated for this year’s plans. It is coming up fast, isnt’ it? I haven’t seen my classroom in about 6 weeks. We rent space from a church, so it doesn’t seem as desolate, but it gets this “empty smell.” Can’t wait to get the posters up on the wall and bring the classrooms back to life. 🙂

  2. I can’t plan until they give me my new ELL curriculum and inservice. Hmmm.
    What is that you said about “middle of summer”? We start next week with kids. Summer’s over for us.

  3. Man, I cannot believe the number of people who are already back at work. It’s still July, people! What happened to your summers? Teachers go back mid to late August around here, and the kids start right after Labor Day weekend.

    I’m making my poor children do school work every day, and so now when they are doing math I’m sitting next to ’em with my lesson plan book. See, kids, Mom has homework, too!

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