Why I am writing this blog

Because I read a lot of blogs and books about teaching and feel like I have a few things to say that haven’t been said before. 

Because I like to write, and I want to keep getting better at it.

But mostly….because I want to tell a story.  “There’s a lot of drama in preschool,” is a phrase I have said over and over in the last few years, and now I get to write it all down.  My blog posts will provide a story of my class, their growth, and the experiences I go through as their teacher. 

It is my hope that you will enjoy reading our story.


8 thoughts on “Why I am writing this blog

  1. Thanks for the support, all! I am enjoying getting to know you all through your blogs, and being part of the teachers’ blogging community.

  2. I think you are also a reflective teacher and that is so important to keeping our early education programs focused on the children. It is a good thing when teachers talk to teachers.

  3. Those are pretty much the same reasons I started a blog, too, except I write about the drama in 5th grade. 😉 Now that a year has gone by, how do you feel as a writer? I can say it has definitely gotten easier and a style has emerged. It’s funny how many teachers are really writers at heart.

    • Institutrice, I feel like I’m hardly writing at all now that it’s summer, but during the year I really enjoyed it, and I hope that I improved. Thanks for visiting my blog — I’ll have to check out yours for some 5th grade drama!

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