getting my classroom ready

Here’s what my classroom looked like this morning:

and here’s the view from the windows:

My children were with me, and while the younger one blithely read comics, played with a Nintendo DS, and went out to the playground to play, the older one worried that we’d never get it looking good.  He helped me take down my old bulletin boards — some of which had been up for two years — and then was disappointed when I ran out of things which needed his excellent destapling services.  I put up fadeless paper and new borders — all green — but ran out when I got to the last board, which is the one that gets the most sunlight!

In three hours I managed to have nice neat bulletin boards (waiting for art and other things to go on them), get my desk surface organized, get all the furniture (except for the missing art supplies shelf!) in the right places, and put things away.

Here’s what the room looked like after:

Okay, so it’s not gorgeous, but at least it’s not a mess.  More pictures next week, when I officially go back to work.  It’s Friday night, and my summer is over.

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4 thoughts on “getting my classroom ready

  1. I always dread the first day back when I have to shuffle and sort classroom materials, furniture, etc. It’s kind of like cleaning up your yard after letting it go for a bit….weeding out the dead looking stuff, pruning back the overgrowth, then trying to find space where everything can fit and function! It’s great you had helpers with you- can’t wait to see how your room looks and read how you feel when students are occupying the space again!

  2. Thanks, Michaele. I’m embarrassed that you saw this post, after reading your blog and looking at how gorgeous your classroom is! I am looking forward to doing a lot more next week, and showing it off here. It’s a tiny room, but I do the best I can.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how fast it all can go though? My problem is I keep adding things…. MORE to find a spot for and make sure the children still have dead space to rest their eyes. I can’t wait to see your pictures and start learning from all your ideas once school starts.

  4. We’re still in the process of setting up, because of a rummage sale and carpet cleaning going on in the space we rent for our preschool. Frustrates me immensly. Where did you find fadeless paper? I like that idea!

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