Sixteen boys and four girls!

Yes, that is my class count.  I checked out the list today on my first official day of work and started laughing when I figured that out.  Sixteen boys.   Yikes.  Um, did I mention, my class has SIXTEEN BOYS?!

I have to hope that if some students don’t show up — which happens every year — that they will come from the boy list, and not the girls.  I need all four girls.

(I’ve had a similar experience in the past, although not quite as drastic; check out my boys, boys, boys post from May.)


5 thoughts on “Sixteen boys and four girls!

  1. Perhaps you did such a great job with your last set of boys , they decided you were the ONLY one that could handle this job. Good luck . This year I have 9 girls and 7 boys.

  2. I have 12 girls, 8 boys in my morning class and 13 boys, 7 girls in my afternoon class. I think you are going to be tired! LOL. 16 boys, wow… I hope your 4 girls show up everyday.

  3. Okay, for the moment, it doesn’t look too bad. 16 kids came to Open House, with a ratio of 11 boys to 5 girls. (One girl was mislabeled as a boy. Seriously.) We’ll see if the other two boys still on my list show up for the first day of school.

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