bugs, bugs, bugs

On my second day of work, with the Open House only two days off, I had to spend the day at trainings.  The morning was frustrating, as it was all about math and there was nothing presented that I didn’t already know.  And sorry, but ALL preschool teachers know how to teach patterns with unifix cubes.

I did have a nice lunch with two fellow teachers, and then the afternoon was much better.  We learned about doing science with preschool (something I’ve admitted I’m not too good at), and got lots of goodies.  I am now the proud owner of a terrarium with three sowbugs (hence, the picture above).  We all got a science curriculum book on teaching young children about nature, which looks really good, plus two terrariums, one of which has grass seed, some greens, and some bugs, a class set of magnifying glasses, two spades for digging in the dirt, a large piece of plastic that magnifies things, and a mister for keeping the terrariums moist.

At my son’s football practice this evening I got started reading the science book, and I’m really excited to teach science and explore nature with my class.

Now, however, I’m absolutely exhausted.  Switching to a new sleep schedule hasn’t gone smoothly, and mostly I stay awake until midnight trying to stop thinking about my classroom.

(image from sydneywebcam.smugmug.com via Google images)


3 thoughts on “bugs, bugs, bugs

  1. I love sow bugs! There are some great kids books on bugs too. I don’t have the titles right here but I could email them to you if you want.
    Enjoy – I love doing science with my preschoolers

  2. Okay, major problem. My sow bugs have disappeared. My older child says that they are hiding in the dirt — is that right? Or did I kill them already and their poor carcasses are camouflaged by potting soil?? If they are still alive, what can I do to get them out and about, so the kids can see them at Open House?

    Juliann, I would love to have some books about sow bugs. You can email me at teacherkiri(at)yahoo.com.

  3. Kiri: I hope you find your bugs. I had orientation today, and I think it went well, aside from all the craziness going on, LOL. I’m having a hard time switching my sleep schedule too.

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