name tags

How many times do you write your new students’ names?  How many sets of name tags do you make?

I spent the day making name tags.  First there are the name tags for their cubbies.  Then there are the name tags (on cute froggy shapes) that go up all around my door, to show who is in our class. 

When you enter the room, I also have a set of name tags with magnet backings for the “who’s here?”/”who’s not?” check-in chart.  Also, name tags to wear around their necks, for the “train”.  (See my opening centers on the first day of school post.)  There are name tags on little apple shapes for the job chart.  There are name tags — laminated, with velcro on the backs — for the meeting area, so I can show each child where to sit.

In the writing center, there are two sets of name tags, laminated and hung on rings, so that anyone who wants to write a friend’s name — or needs help writing their own name — can grab a set and use it for writing.

That’s eight sets, and I’m thinking I might have forgotten one.


10 thoughts on “name tags

  1. I start off the year with a sheet of address labels for each kid, it has their First name large, their last name smaller and their room number on each of 30 label, it lasts about half the year.

  2. I have written names on 40 elephant shapes for a bulletin board, 40 nametags to be worn, 40 namecards for grouptime use, my assistant teacher wrote the names for 40 cubbies and will be writing names on 40 drink choice sticks. I’ve also written 40 names on our parent pick-up cards (we have curb side pick up). That’s at least 240 times. I’m sure there is more, and I just can’t think of it right now, LOL.

  3. Hmmmm…
    Hallway Display
    Coat Cubbies
    Classroom Helper Chart
    Choice Time Chart
    Name Chart
    Waterford Books
    Literacy Center Chart
    Writing Folders
    The Name Game

    Multiply that by 18… yeah, it’s a lot!

  4. Okay, I thought of a few more. I wrote tiny name labels for the file folder basket today, and splatypus’s post reminded me I need to write each child’s name on a clothespin for the centers time pocket chart.

    (The file folder basket has labeled hanging files, in a crate by the door, for the children’s finished work. I don’t like to send kids out in the hall to put things in their backpacks, so all their work goes in the “take-home files” and then we send it home once or twice a week.)

  5. I don’t suppose you can just get the kind you print out on your computer? that is what I do and it really helps. I can make them big or small. It sure beats hand cramps.

  6. I was thinking the same thing last week!!!! Lunch count sticks, calling sticks, hallway display, locker tags, name tags, mail boxes, data binders, jobs chart, agenda, take home folders …. names names names

  7. Speaking of hand cramps….I started having carpal-tunnel-like symptoms today. The insides of my forearms felt so creepy and sore, I had to quit what I was doing. But I guess it’s not surprising, given that I have been writing and copying and cutting and peeling the backs off stickers all week. Lots of repetitive actions. Blah. I’d better watch it.

    All that advice to just use printer labels was wise. Should have heeded it.

  8. Wow! I really never thought about it before. I just finished the second name tag for their desks since It is September already. Yes, I have written numerous name tags for about everything in a Kindergarten room. They have been handwritten, computer printed, and label making. I change desk tags every month. I still Love Kindergarten…

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