a teacher’s thoughts after two glasses of wine

Life is good.

Okay, the basement is chaos, with furniture piled up in one end and there are many different fans and blowers and dehumidifiers going, but hey, at least it wasn’t sewage that leaked all over our basement carpet.

And the stuff the water-removal specialists put in to fight bacteria is natural (I think the guy said it was thyme oil?) and it smells really good.  No chemicals wafting through my house.

And I made it to Open House, even though first I had to pick up my kids at camp, take them to meet their teachers at their school, get home, take a shower, eat dinner, get dressed up, and then try to wrestle my kid into his football uniform for practice.  I got to work with minutes to spare.

It was great.  Many of my kids showed up, and they all seem great, although one little boy might just need to learn how to clean up after himself.  My mind is reeling a bit, as there were so many kids and parents who came in so fast.  I tried to talk to everyone — even the ones who don’t speak English! — and I wished I had more time with each family and each child. 

I’ve got one mom pegged as a reliable weekly volunteer (I really need at least one of those), and one mom seemed really kooky (at least she’ll be entertaining), and one dad showed up with the oddest glasses (sort of Harry Potter meets famous architect meets jokey nerd-costume).  The kids were shy and sweet and I didn’t see a major behavior problem in the bunch.

Now tomorrow when I go to school I can concentrate on getting some real work done.  I really am looking forward to this school year.

(image from redneckwinereview.com via google images)


4 thoughts on “a teacher’s thoughts after two glasses of wine

  1. Isn’t it funny how we view the parents the first time we meet them? Thankfully, they surprise us sometimes. It makes me wonder what teachers thought when I would take my own children in for open house. ” There was that one lady with HUGE hair stuck in the 80’s that is really loud. Mental note – dont ask her to volunteer. ” 🙂

  2. Yeah, it will be interesting to see what happens since this year, I’m writing stuff down in my blog. Maybe the kooky mom turns out to be really serious and awesome, and maybe the reliable mom turns out to be a flake, and maybe the dad with the weird glasses turns out to be my favorite parent of the year.

  3. I often wonder what my kids’ teachers think of me, and if they get a little worried when they find out that I’m a teacher too. I’ve had a couple of parents of students who were teachers and I know I take a completely different approach with them.

    Hope the basement dries out quickly. After telling hubby about your story, we decided it was high-time we replace our 14 year old H2O heater.

  4. Oh yes, replace it quickly! I didn’t know until it was too late that water heaters usually only last 8-10 years! (Of course, there was something wrong with this one, as it was only about 6 years old, the plumber thinks. We’ve just lived in this house for 2 years.)

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