i hate the first day of school

It’s here.  The room is ready (except for my desk, which resembles a demolition site), but I’m not.  I’ve been having weird dreams (I was dying of cancer in one dream, running away with a New York City firefighter in another, and hanging out with Martha Stewart and a rock star in another) and not sleeping well.

I told my husband this morning that I think the reason I hate the first day of school is that it’s all so awkward.  Once we get going we’ll have this awesome, streamlined, smooth-functioning routine, and it will be easy to plug things into the routine.  On the first day there is no routine, and so we do a little bit of this (tour the school) and a little bit of that (our first morning meeting and calendar time) and a little bit of this (drawing self-portraits) and a little bit of that (touring the classroom and opening up our first center).

Also I feel like a big dork.  I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing the whole time.  Like maybe I completely forgot how to teach over the summer.

I can’t wait until this morning is over!


3 thoughts on “i hate the first day of school

  1. I felt the same way on my first day of school and my students are a bit older than yours! Today we had our first review game for the first test and everyone relaxed and had fun. It feels more comfortable.

    I must say I adore reading your blog and I am learning so much. Thanks for sharing . . .

    Hope you sleep better once school has start. Better living through chemistry I always say!

  2. I had to talk at our parent meetings today and I was feeling the same way. Just get me into the classroom with the kids doing what we know is good and I feel fine but standing up and talking about routines and the parent details is so awkward. At least it is over.

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