yes David, I love you

David is struggling.  He came off the bus angry today — I found out later that someone at home had yelled at him.  I was trying to line up my class to go to gym and he got off the bus late and started laughing and running through the halls.  I let Nan go after him (walking, of course; we don’t chase children), and I went down to gym, and he eventually showed up, and was calm. 

Nan is a miracle worker.

But when I picked them up, Nan whispered to me that gym was hard for everybody, and that David was hitting a lot and had to take a time out.

He was fine in meeting — he loves morning meeting.  He interrupts me eagerly with all kinds of answers.  He understands everything I’m doing with the calendar and the morning message, and some days, it seems like he’s the only one.  We wrote down what we know about bugs on a chart and he loved that.

Then he suddenly punched the kid next to him.  So I said he had to take a time out and he wouldn’t go, and then he ran out of the room.  Nan, again with the miracles, got him to come back and sit in the chair, and when I said, “are you ready to come back?” he smiled and nodded yes, quite seriously.

He hit again on the way to recess, punched a classmate in the face on the playground, and had to sit on the bench the rest of the time.  He wailed with grief when recess was over.  It was really short today because we had such a hard time getting lined up and outside.

Then when Nan was helping him get his coat, he said, “Teacher!” and when I looked back at him, he blew me a kiss.

Yes, David, I love you.


3 thoughts on “yes David, I love you

  1. “Hands are for helping, not for hurting.” A phrase I utter too many times those first few months of school.

    I hope “David” has a better days for the rest of the week. It is so hard when they haven’t been taught how to react to their feelings, or if they’ve been taught, they’re too impulsive to use what they’ve been taught.

    I’ve got a “David”. He’s the youngest in my p.m. class, and has this devilish grin as he goes about his attention getting behaviors. His favorite thing: staring at the children who hate to be stared at (and give the biggest reaction), grinning the whole time.

    I hope you have a good rest of the week.

  2. Thank you. Splatypus over at Kindergarten Chaos had a really good post about a little girl “David” in her class. She really turned things around by surrounding the little girl with love. With that kiss, my David showed me that a similar technique would probably work with him.

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