day 6, treading water

Here’s the text of the email I sent my husband today, after I sent my kiddos home:

When is this going to get easier?  I feel like I’m just barely treading
water.  I thought I was supposed to be a good teacher, and I don’t feel
like it!

David threw things across the room today, threw a block at me, kicked
me, kicked our volunteer, pinched a little boy in line, knocked over a
bunch of stuff belonging to the office, ran to the 3rd floor, punched
Miss Nelson numerous times, and used some really choice language.

But in between, he was playing, working, laughing, participating, saying
please, listening, and being happy.

Miss Nelson said she thinks he’s overwhelmed by his feelings, and can’t name
any of them — happy or sad — and doesn’t know how to cope, so this is
what he does.

I’m at home now, and I’m drained of energy.  I need to switch to Mom mode — I’m meeting with one child’s teacher, then bringing my kids home, giving them snack, getting the older one to violin, doing laundry, making dinner, going back to their school for parent night…..My teacher self is exhausting my mother self.

I can’t wait until October.  Surely by then I’ll be in my groove?

7 thoughts on “day 6, treading water

  1. I feel the same way. I’m teaching full time AND trying to do grad school and the teaching is not going well this year. They have me doing some different things and have changed just enough to make my life nuts, as if I wasn’t doing that enough already. It’s going to be a loooong year, but it’s got me motivated to become a media specialist that much faster.

  2. Sounds like David is really struggling. I can say this since right now all is at peace in my classroom ,but sometimes it is hard to remember it when there is chaos. Many times when a child is “acting” out like that , I try to imagine what his life at home is like. Does anyone pay attention to him without his outburst? Is he surrounded by “choice words”? Does he see punching as a way to communicate and worse still.. does he experience it? Sounds like this little boy needs a perfect teacher like you. Maybe wear your “mommy shoes” to work one day and love love love him…. see if it helps. Blessings.

  3. I just want to echo the previous post… I have had a kid like this and it is TOUGH. The only remedy is patience, love, and consistency. Likely the three things he might not be getting at home.

    It’s a lot to ask for… especially patience, but if you can keep those three things in the back of your mind, you will be rewarded. Hang in there!

  4. He punched Miss Nelson in the face today. Hard. She’s going to have a big bruise.

    Other than that he had a better day. We’re hanging in there.

    He blew me kisses twice!

  5. I’ll bet you don’t only have one “David,” either. I hope for your sanity you do, but I doubt it. I have at least 5 right now, and we’re only 9 days into the school year. I haven’t read back far enough in your archives to see what you’re whole situation is, but I have no teacher aide, so I have the fun of dealing with this completely on my own, ALL day. I hope you have some help in your classroom, and that you’re not alone like I am 😦

  6. (((Hugs))) The ones who require the most patience, test that patience to the limits, don’t they?

    My “teacher self” often exhausts my “mother self” too, especially by Friday evening. It’s hard to have patience with your own children, when another child has pushed it to its limits.

    I hope you find your “groove” soon.

  7. What you are doing is so very, very important. You may be the only voice of love and discipline and boundaries in his life. Don’t let go and don’t give up. Keep doing what you know works . . .

    Love your kids. Love your husband. I will pray for David . . . and for your strength to love him and for Nan to keep working her miracles.

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