no walk to the park

It’s no walk IN the park, either.

David got on top of Leo in the blocks and started punching him over and over before Miss Nelson could pull him off.  The occupational therapist came to work with Max and he started screaming at the top of his lungs.

I was hoping to take the class to a nearby park to look for bugs tomorrow, but I forgot to tell Miss Nelson about it, and she pointed out — and rightly, too — that neither David nor Max can handle it.  In fact, it would probably be a total disaster.  So, instead, we will look for bugs on our playground.

We are located in an urban center with great parks, a lake, a library, a grocery store, a floral shop, and a balloon store nearby.  Does this mean we can’t do any of the walking field trips we usually do?  Or do we go ahead and do them and leave David and Max behind each time?


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3 thoughts on “no walk to the park

  1. That works for Max. The adult who would come for David probably couldn’t come because of work, and even if she did come, I’m not sure she’d be able to control his behavior or handle it if he erupts.

    I couldn’t stop thinking about David last night. I think the time has come for a team meeting with social worker, psychologist, Nan, Miss Nelson, and me. Probably the Prince, too. We need a plan, and I think we need to decide what the limit is. Is there a line that he could cross that would mean my classroom is no longer the appropriate placement for him?

  2. I’m sorry you are having such a struggle with David. I agree with the team meeting. I hope there are some answers out there for you to help him.

    We don’t have anywhere we can walk to from our school, other than an elementary school. **sigh** I wish we had the fun places we could walk to like what you have. We only get 3 bus trips a year, and we have to use them wisely.

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