Today’s development

David kicked Max in the face as hard as he could, twice.  Nan managed to grab him as he was trying for a third attempt.

He has been suspended and won’t be back until Thursday.

We are having a meeting to discuss the situation on Friday morning, and I am going to ask the team (psychologist, social worker, etc.), “at what point do we decide he’s not going to be in this classroom anymore?”

Nan, sweet Nan, said this was the worst morning we’ve ever had.

The only good thing to come from it was we made a kickass BLUE collage.


5 thoughts on “Today’s development

  1. Pre-K, right?

    Man oh man. I’ve had some K students push, hit and say surprisingly foul things, but never a kick to the face. Yee-ouch. I’d be tempted to call a cop before calling parents on that one.

  2. I know it takes a lot to get to that point, that point when you wish the kid would just leave. You’ve tried everything but nothing has worked and you and your kids are suffering. Ugh, I’m sorry you’re going through that. I was in a similar position last year and the offender was eventually moved to another classroom (where he proceeded to destroy that environment as well). My classroom improved and I slowly slowly lost that guilty feeling of not doing enough. I hope your meeting on Friday is productive.

  3. This one needs a lot of thinking. This child is only in Kindergarten and it is the start of the year. There are definiely some behavior issue or emotional issues going on in this child’s life. However, if you don’t stop it know you will be having many angry parents knocking on your classroom door. Good Luck on Friday I think you will need lots of prayers to figure this one out.

  4. I hope you are firm enough to put your foot down and get him OUT of your class. The safety of the children is at issue here. The district, principal and you are in line to be sued if you don’t get him out and into a special class where he belongs. Don’t take the chance. I have been through this several times and it isn’t worth it.

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