the result of the meeting this morning

David will go to another school, to a classroom better suited to his needs.  I learned some things about his personal life, and felt like crying.  I feel like crying anyway, since I was unable to help him, and it will hurt him to have to leave us.

But I know it’s the right thing.


5 thoughts on “the result of the meeting this morning

  1. Wow, that’s great for David. I understand the sadness, but like you said, it’s the right thing. Try not to dwell on it, and enjoy the weekend. You need to be rested and ready on Monday for the rest of your babies 🙂

  2. I completely understand your sadness. I have so many students that have unimaginable home lives and it is truly sad. I just posted about one student I’m having issues with…check it out, it’s “little liar”

  3. We always say “For the good of the children” but we also need to be aware of the “good of the teacher” Children can and do ruin the health of teachers. They don’t mean to and we don’t mean to let it get to us, but sometimes it does. That doesn’t mean we don’t love them and care what happens to them either. We need to take care of our own health and when students are disruptive, it is stressful and that injures our health too. Just remember, this was for the good of the child AND the teacher.

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