light at the end of the tunnel

The worst is behind me.  I’m pretty sure about that.

  • This week is a short week, to fit in parent conferences.  That always helps.
  • I will finally have an assistant teacher — hooray!  She starts Tuesday, and I can’t wait.  She was so awesome in the interview the Prince kept sending me these looks saying, “let’s hire her on the spot!” and I kept sending him back looks that said, “Let’s have some decorum here, and wait until we’re finished interviewing candidates before we hire her, okay?”
  • The weather is getting colder.  That makes me happy because I usually love fall, and I definitely am done with warm weather.  I want to dig out my pretty sweaters and my flannel sheets and wrap up in a blanket while I’m watching my child do sports….And I am loving the fall colors that have begun to pop up here and there.
  • David will be going in a week to a classroom where he can be successful.  He has been experiencing so much failure in my classroom that I know it has been awful for him.  I will just love him while he’s with us, and send him off with good will.  I’m also going to write a note to his guardian to let her know what a wonderful job I think she is doing with him.
  • Lola 2 turns out to speak English pretty well, as does the other new girl, and the new boy went from being utterly unable to sit on his bottom or cross his legs to sitting properly and attending to every word I said by the end of the week.
  • Leo’s mom sent me an email saying how surprised she has been by how good the transition has been for him, and that she can tell each day that he is learning new things.  He has been happy because Miss Nelson and Nan have been reading him pirate books.  I think I’ll make a genre basket of pirate books for our reading center so he can read them whenever he wants.
  • Elephant & Piggie were a huge success.  I had a blast reading them (I really get into the voices and doing facial expressions), and the children were delighted by the twosome’s adventures.  I will not be happy until I own every single E & P book.  (Now if Scholastic would quick make them all available in the book orders so I can buy them at affordable prices!)

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