little failures


There were five adults in my room today. 

  1. the school psychologist had his hands full with Max
  2. Nan had her hands full with David
  3. my college volunteer had her hands full with the Spanish-speaking kids
  4. my new assistant had her hands full just trying to get to know the class, the room, the kids, the job, and trying to run an art project
  5. and I had my hands full with trying to simultaneously keep an eye on everything and assess kids one-on-one for the parent conferences….

…So no one noticed when Leo, over in the reading corner, wrapped the cord of my electric pencil sharpener around his neck, thus bringing the thing down on his head, where it came apart and sent pencil shavings all over him. 

Poor child didn’t know what to do, so he sat there quietly until Nan, horrified, noticed what had happened.  (Thank goodness he was entirely unhurt.)

Nan and the assistant cleaned him up and he is fine.  But I feel terrible.  Did I say I was a good teacher?  I am having little failures all over the place!


6 thoughts on “little failures

  1. Good Lord, please don’t be so hard on yourself! You can’t be everywhere at once. I’ll bet little Leo doesn’t do that again, so maybe he learned his own lesson. Thank goodness he wasn’t hurt. No harm, no foul, I say! 😉

  2. i love reading your blog because it lets me know another teacher out there is having the same chaotic start to the year that we are. i think this post has actually happened in my classroom.

  3. Good Grief, you certainly are a good teacher. Those things happen to all of us. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to have good days. What ever possessed that little guy to wrap a cord around his neck? Has the psychologist talked to him? You poor thing. You just hang in there. It will all work out fine.

  4. organizedchaos — you make me feel better. Thanks.

    Lisa and Mystery, that’s just how I am. I take on a lot of responsibility when it comes to my job. I’m working on keeping it balanced!

  5. Supervised Chaos… Yeah, that was my week too. What you described could’ve happened in my class too. Except the accident in my room involved a fall, a door corner and stitches. UGH…

  6. I am having a year like that too. I actually looked in the classifieds for jobs today under bakery. I could bake all day and not have anyone have any tantrums. It’s a very very depressing year.

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