i’ve lost my posse

Nan got a new job.  She is now going to use the master’s degree in social work which made her wayyyy over-qualified to be working in my room as a special ed assistant. 

 I am happy for her, because it’s a great opportunity for her and she’ll be great, but I’m feeling very sorry for myself.  This fall I have relied on her so much, and it is going to be really hard without her.  First I lost Jan when she got laid off by the district, then I lost Ali when she decide to teach preschool herself, and now Nan.  I have been lucky so far — my new assistant teacher is wonderful, and Miss Nelson is also wonderful (she was so great in our parent conference with Max’s mom, especially when Max’s mom started to cry….), so I hope my luck holds and our new Nan — whoever she may be — will also be wonderful.

But I do feel a bit unmoored.  I’ve lost my support system, in a way.


3 thoughts on “i’ve lost my posse

  1. I haven’t had an assistant in my room for 15 years now. I wonder what it would be like? I am supposed to have an aide in my ELL class but they use her for everything from secretary to playground duty. She hasn’t been in my room yet. I am doing fine on my own.

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