gruesome bug action

This weekend I had my sons look for spiders.  They caught two, which I brought to school Monday morning in a plastic cup.  On my way in the building I found a small beetle, which I added to the cup.  I transferred my new friends to the terrarium, and at centers time four children sat at the science table and watched the bugs.

On Tuesday, I looked in the terrarium, and one spider was toes-up, the other wasn’t moving, and the beetle was nowhere to be found, so I didn’t bring out the terrarium.

Today, we looked in the terrarium and the remaining spider had caught the beetle in its web.  We brought it out and four little boys sat at the science table using what English words they had:  “awesome!” and “destroy!”

I went to the office for a Spanish-speaking interpreter, who came and spent a few minutes with the boys, answering their questions (do spiders have eyes?  is the beetle dead?  what is the spider doing? etc.) and talking about what was going on in the terrarium (look, the beetle has an orange tummy/Godzilla!/wow/is he eating the bug?).  I think it made his day, and I know the four boys were thrilled.

Frankly, I thought it was pretty cool watching the spider wrapping up his victim.  I do feel guilty about that bug, but I suppose spiders do need to eat.

4 thoughts on “gruesome bug action

  1. Very cool – it is the reality of nature. I love that you got someone to talk with the boys – just the kind of story I needed to read today

  2. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
    wrapped up the beetle bug
    Down came the spider
    and gave the beetle a hug
    Up went the Spider full and happy too
    The itsy bitsy spider enjoyed his beetle soup.


    Maybe not.

  3. Juliann, glad I could be of service in cheering you up! The guy who came in my room is super-nice, and usually is in the office talking to parents or doing administrative stuff. I think he gets a kick out of coming to my room to chat in Spanish with my four year olds.

    Debbie, you made me laugh with your little song, so thank you.

  4. OMG, Debbie’s comment was hysterical.

    Oooh, I love gruesome bug action. I had caught a grasshopper for my room, but let it go after a couple of days, because the kids were just so tough on the poor thing!

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