moving on

Yesterday was David’s last day with us. 

He was hardly in the room at all; Nan kept taking him out to “take a break,” and she told me she wasn’t going to push it, as she could tell he wouldn’t be able to handle being in the room much.  After he’d gone, I said, “and I didn’t get to say goodbye!” but Nan said she thought it was better not to make too much of an issue of it.  And at dismissal time, she and Miss Nelson had to more or less carry Max and David to their bus, as they were both totally out of control.

Meanwhile, Max had an awful morning.  He took everything out of the house corner cupboards and dumped it on the floor, took puzzles off the nearby shelf and dumped them on the floor, and started to scream when I told him to clean up his mess.  Then he ran out of the room.  Then he ran back in and turned the house corner table on its side, making more of a mess.

He screamed, he pushed or kicked a few kids, he knocked over stuff on my desk, and he wouldn’t leave the room when I told him to go take a break.  And….Miss Nelson didn’t make him.  She said I should just go ahead and read the story, but meanwhile, he’s screaming.  And the kids are staring at him.

Eventually he calmed down and listened to the story, but I’m not too sure that it was handled right.  I mean, Max — and the rest of the class, for that matter — got the message that you can be disruptive, destructive, and disrespectful, and nothing will happen to you.

So I need to talk to Miss Nelson about that today.

4 thoughts on “moving on

  1. Respect for teachers is a big issue in my classroom. It seems someone is always hurting someone elses feelings or out of their seat making a mess. But Mrs. Nelson does not need to send that negative message to students. This will make them think they can get away with anything if one person can. I hope things go well for David.

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