teacher shoes

This is a picture of the Dansko Professional clog.  My favorite shoe in the whole world.

I have three pairs — one black, one navy, and one brown.  For nine months of the year, pretty much every single day I am wearing my Dansko clogs.  (Then in summer I go nuts and like to have many different pairs of thongs sandals to wear each day.)  I see them everywhere I go, and it amuses me to realize that those women in their Dansko clogs are members of my tribe.  Teachers, nurses, waitresses, doctors, dentists, chefs, and middle-class women everywhere wear this shoe.

But alas, I may have to venture into the broader world of shoes, as my ankles have been bothering me off and on for a few months, and I fear that wearing the same type of shoe every single day might not be a good idea.  What do you all suggest I look for?  What other great shoe options are out there, with a bit more cushiness than my beloved Danskos?

15 thoughts on “teacher shoes

  1. I don’t have any recommendations, because I wear these, too. 🙂 I love them! I have really bad knees (no cartilage left) and this is the one kind of shoe that I can work all day in and not be in major pain when I go home.

    Let us know what you find.

  2. I too wear Danskos but even more wonderful are Keen shoes. I absolutely love them and they come in lots of different styles and colors. I wear them to work on teaching days and save my Danskos for meeting days.

  3. My mom loves Danskos as well. I wear sneakers. The infant teachers have it made they get to wear socks or slippers =)
    HMMM Keen shoes I willhave to look them up on google.

  4. I have a pair of Borns that I love. I also have a pair of Keens. I’d go with the Borns though. My favorite style of shoe is Mary Janes. I only wear MJs for 9 months of the year and then my New Balance running shoes the other three.

  5. dansko makes several styles of shoe. maybe try a new style?
    born and keen are all highly recommended as well.
    also aerosoles, i think it is.

  6. I have a pair of Dansko clogs and another pair of Dansko loafers. The clogs are great but the loafers are actually easier on my feet because they have more padding. I also love love love my Keen sneakers and any of my Clarke shoes.

    I always look at people’s feet and try to figure out what they do for a living. Although, there are some teachers in my school who routinely wear heels – tall spikey heels – and I think they’re nuts!

  7. Why have I never heard of these wonderous shoes?!? I wear Clarks clogs that I dearly love, or a pair of penny loafers (brand — East-something I think, shoot, can’t remember…). I also love, love, love my sketcher slide on tennies. I have a pair of LL Bean boots (no heel, not snowboots) that are cozy and comfortable in the winter.

    Most of my shoe wardrobe is utilitarian, because of my teaching job. I love summer too, since I have fun summer shoes, LOL.

  8. I vote with Mandy on the Born Mary Janes. I love these!! I have black ones I wear all the time (I had to replace the elastic on the buckle!). But agree with everyone that Merrel often has good options. Another Mary Jane I found that I love and has a funky but really comfortable sole is by Mi Too. I got another teacher into them so we now get to be twins. 😉

  9. Wow, thanks for all the great ideas. I will definitely check out the Born mary janes, and I’m going to look into Keens, as well. I have a question about the mary janes, though — what kind of socks do you wear? I like it that no one can see my socks when I’m wearing clogs and nice long bootcut jeans; with mary janes it seems like you have to be careful about your hosiery.

  10. Deb, that’s funny that you have the exact same colors that I do! I am still wearing mine every day, still having an ankle problem off and on, but I’m starting to browse on Zappos to see what else is available. I’ve also heard that DSW has Borns on sale from time to time, so I should make the drive to check it out.

  11. I figured out what was wrong with my ankles: old running shoes. Now that I’ve got nice, new running shoes, my ankles are fine. So I still wear Danskos every day.

  12. I bought a great pair og Sofft clogs, but when I wear hose with them my feet slide all over the place. socks are great with them, but make them look a little funky. They have a 2 and 1/2 inch heel and are western style. Is it ok to not wear anything with them. I can grip the shoes good without socks. Dianne

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