once upon a time in preschool

Once upon a time there was a teacher, a mom, and a wonderful, adorable little girl.  One morning the mom called the teacher and said, “Some boy kissed my daughter on the bus going home yesterday!”

The mom was very upset.  She couldn’t believe that something so awful could happen to her little girl, who was only four years old, after all.  The teacher was concerned, because four year olds are not allowed to kiss each other.  There is no kissing at school — that is the rule.  The children should know that already.

The mom was very very upset.  She seemed to think that some sort of sexual assault had occurred.

The teacher used her calmest voice and said she would look into it.  She also said, “if one of the boys did kiss her, just remember that he too is only four years old.” 

The mom calmed down a bit and the teacher said she would call her back.

The teacher talked to the little girl.

Teacher:  What happened on the bus yesterday?

Girl:  Look, I got an owie.

T:  Yes, I remember you had that on Monday.  What happened on the bus yesterday?

G:  [silence]


T: (trying another tack) Did someone kiss you?

G:  Yes.

T:  Who kissed you?

G:  [silence]


T:  Was it someone in our class?

G:  Yes.

T:  Who was it?

G: [again, silent, even when question repeated]

T:  Can you show me?  [Takes Girl into classroom.  Girl stands there looking at ceiling.]

T:  Did anyone kiss you on the bus?

G:  [pause] No.

So the teacher called the mom and the mom…..did not answer her phone.  The teacher left a message:  “I talked to your daughter and I found out what happened, please call me back so I can talk to you about it.”  The mom never called back, so the teacher spent time in the classroom writing it all down in a note to send home with the little girl, instead of reading a story to her students.

The teacher thought maybe Mom just wanted a chance to get angry and be the victim, and once she was done with that, she was done.


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