Wow, time flies.  Here are a few things that have been happening in my classroom:

  • Max has moved on to a classroom better suited to his needs.  Things are easier now.  More like preschool, less like a battle.
  • Most of the kids couldn’t write their names on the first day of school; but most of them can, now.
  • Ferdinand and Leo are finally going to get some attention, which they need.  Ferdinand spit on the gym floor several times, even after being told not to by the gym teacher, and he also peed on the toilet seat that day.  Quite odd behavior for him, poor child.  Leo is still obsessed with pirates, but is now also obsessed with The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.
  • I’m not sure what’s going on with Miss Nelson.  She seems unhappy or something.  I worry that she disapproves of my teaching, or my classroom management.  I guess I have to bite the bullet and ask her.
  • I started mentoring the kindergarten teacher next door this week, in preparation for a formal observation which I will do next week, and it has been going really well.  She has clearly learned a lot, it has informed her teaching, and I have been happy to see all the great things she’s doing.  Also, I like getting to know her kids, and see the ones I had last year.
  • Today the kids didn’t freeze and listen when I gave the five minute warning, and ignored me when I said, “now you need to stay at your center and finish your work,” so they got in trouble when they all tried to abandon their messes and switch their clothespins to new centers.
  • October was Ezra Jack Keats month for us and it just didn’t float our boats.  I am looking forward to doing Rosemary Wells in November, and Jan Brett in December.
  • Friday is our big fall party.  It’s going to be nuts, with decorations, parents, volunteers, treats, special activities, and….dancing! 

Happy Halloween, everyone!  (That is, if you’re still allowed to celebrate it, unlike us.)

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2 thoughts on “update

  1. if you have a minute, could you explain the clothespin/center time. This is a different class this year. Last year I had something that worked, this year I have something that doesn’t. My class is young and you always have such great ideas.

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