giving up caffeine…

…makes me want to drink more alcohol.

Or maybe it was just going on our first field trip, walking in yucky weather to the library with my class full of lively four year olds.  It was a success, but the boy whose hand I held all the way there and all the way back nearly yanked my arm out of its socket several times, and I returned to school exhausted.

I’m driving my children somewhere tonight or I would totally open a bottle of wine.

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5 thoughts on “giving up caffeine…

  1. We walked to the fire station yesterday(Tuesday). It was freezing. I always wonder what the people who pass us in cars are thinking.
    Probably something like “FOOLS” LOL

  2. Everything makes me want to drink alcohol. However, I have a sister and an ex-mother-in-law who are alcoholics and I rarely drink as a result. I gave up caffein too. That was hard.

  3. I didn’t drink any alcoholic beverages last night. Today, however, I had my first Diet Coke in weeks. I feel kind of guilty, but then I think about when I had one every day, and I feel better. If I can go another two weeks before having another one, I’ll know I’m making it.

    Today was exhausting. Giving up caffeine is hard.

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