my five amigos

Five of the boys in my class speak Spanish at home.  Three of the five speak some English.  They are wonderful, adorable boys, and I love them.  Right now, they are engaged in some sort of epic battle of friendship.

At first, this fall, I would hear them call to each other, “amigo!” and I would beam, it was so cute.  At first it was three boys:  the two non-English speakers (let’s call them Chester and Wilson, after the friends in Chester’s Way) and one of our class leaders, a boy I’ll call Swimmy.  Then Ferdinand got involved, and that was wonderful, because he has been a bit slower to figure out social skills.  Then a fifth boy joined in.

Then Chester and Wilson got clique-y, and sometimes they would include Ferdinand, and sometimes they wouldn’t.  Sometimes Ferdinand and Chester and Wilson would exclude Swimmy, or the other boy.  Now they are at the point of pushing, hitting, and what’s worse — saying, “you’re not my friend.”

Today Chester and Wilson said, “you’re not our friend” to Swimmy, right after I’d had a little pep talk with him about good behavior.  Even though he promised me he wouldn’t, he pushed them.  Later, they said the same thing to Ferdinand.  And Ferdie, my little angel….gave them the finger!

So I need to find a translator to call Chester’s parents, and Wilson’s parents, and let them know what’s going on.  And I need to arrange for our Spanish-speaking social worker to do a little social skills group with those five.

The girls will be the next issue, I can tell.  Lola 2 is only four, but I swear she’s a teenager in the making.  I think she was flirting with Chester the other day, over in the house corner!


2 thoughts on “my five amigos

  1. LOL, the other day one of my kinder kids was walking into the play area before school and I made a little face at him and he flipped me off. I cracked up when I saw this dawning look of horror cover his face as he realized what he had done. Later when we were inside he said to me, still upset, “Teacher, I sorry!” I assured him that I knew he was. My reaction would have been different if he wasn’t so clearly sorry.

  2. At least your baby knew what he had done. I’m not sure mine understood.

    Things are marginally better. The Prince stopped by and spoke to the boys in Spanish: We are not allowed to say “you’re not my friend” at this school. You must be kind to each other. We are all friends here.

    We’ll see.

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