words of wisdom from the Prince

Today Amelia Bedelia was gone again (she had planned a trip before she got this job), so we had last Friday and today without her.  And…Leo was once again just fine.  So was Edward, for that matter.

I treated Leo like I would any other child, so when he refused to clean up I took him over to the timeout chair for a brief timeout.  He took it, and then he joined us for morning meeting. 

When we got to recess I saw the Prince, so I asked him what I should do.  I told him that Leo does fine without Miss Nelson, but on days when she’s in our class, he falls apart, runs away, and refuses to participate.  And then she says to me about our class and the work we’re doing, “he can’t do this.  It’s too much for him.”

The Prince said, “tell her that you’d like him to start being more independent.  Tell her that since he won’t have a one-on-one next year in kindergarten, you’d like to try having him be more independent and treated more like the other kids in the class.”

I thought that was very good advice, so that Miss Nelson doesn’t go over to him and hover and help him with everything….and then he plays her like a violin and freaks out and acts all silly or floppy and refuses to do any work.  Also, fairly diplomatic. 

The Prince is really getting back on track.  What a wonderful relief.


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