the painful part of winter

Now that it is cold and snowy, I’m reminded of one of the many painful parts of being a teacher. My students are not prepared for the cold weather.

Most of them don’t have any snowpants. Many of my students don’t have winter boots, and while most of them do have gloves, they tend to be the cheap knit kind you get at Target, rather than warm waterproof ones that might actually keep out the cold.

I can’t go out and buy them all boots and mittens, though I’d like to.  But it really hurts me to take them outside unprepared for the cold.


8 thoughts on “the painful part of winter

  1. Try contacting Rotary or another club like that or churches… when groups have specific needs, they often meet them. “I need 20 pairs of size 6x snowpants, etc. I will buy them if I have xxx amount of money for my students…. You could keep them at the end of the season for the your students the following year (or not…). This is what I need. I contacted several local groups and churches. I took pictures, wrote thank you notes and kept working at it. I collected my stuff back at the end of the season, washed them in bleach water and used them the following year. Just an idea.

  2. this also breaks my heart every year. at my old preschool, we had a collection of extra winter stuff donated by families as kids outgrew them; maybe that’s something you can do at your school, too?

  3. I will send you $100 to you for your little ones. I know it won’t provide everything for all…but perhaps a few could be served. Send me your snail mail address to the_science_goddess[at]yahoo[dot]com and I’ll put the check in the mail tomorrow.

  4. We have a basket of mittens, snowpants and boots, that the children can borrow. Sometimes those items are taken home and never seen again. It breaks my heart too. I know some families cannot afford it and that is the saddest of all.

  5. Wow. Science Goddess really did send me $100! Now I get to go shopping and buy several pairs of mittens on a string (gloves are hard for 4 year olds to put on, and they need a string so they don’t lose them), a few pairs of boots, and maybe a jacket and a pair of snowpants.

    Thank you, SG!!

  6. I feel your pain on this subject. My kids are in the same situation. Usually, as their Christmas present, I get them those cheapy little “magic gloves” (cuz they’re still better than nothing at all) and a hat. I sorta hate getting them such practical gifts, but I know they need them. This year, one of my babies has been wearing tube socks on her hands as mittens (so sad!) and another little boy doesn’t have a coat, so he just wears as many sweatshirts as he can walk in, usually 4. The windchill here in Chicago was below zero this week!! Our librarian was able to get some coats and boots donated from somewhere (her church, maybe?) and she shared her bounty with my babies. Now, one little girl has some boots (we got 6 inches of snow Tuesday night, and she came to school in gym shoes) and another got a new coat. Yay!!

    Science Goddess, God bless you!

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