mittens on a string

As some of you may know, Science Goddess (of What It’s Like on the Inside) sent me $100 to buy winter gear for my students, many of whom were unprepared for the cold weather.  I didn’t have time to buy anything before winter break, but this past weekend I bought seven pairs of fleece mittens-on-a-string, and today seven of my students went home happily with warm hands. 

What is also wonderful is that when I told the woman at the store where I bought the mittens who they were for, she gave me a 10% discount.  I still have $45 left with which to buy a pair of boots, a pair of snowpants, and possibly one more pair of mittens.

Many thanks to Science Goddess!

5 thoughts on “mittens on a string

  1. Actually, I forgot to take a picture of the ones I bought before I distributed them. Mine are much cuter and warmer — they have sheepskin-type fleece on the inside, and polarfleece on the outside, and two of the girls even got pink ones.

    Two of the children who got mittens yesterday showed them off proudly to me today.

    Science Goddess does, indeed, rock.

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