reader’s workshop in preschool

Today I launched reader’s workshop in my classroom.  (Never mind the acid in my stomach and my bones, or the fact that Miss Nelson and I never made eye contact all morning, or all the other stuff that was going on.  I soldiered ahead.)

It went pretty well.  My class already knows how to love, read, and take care of books, so I skipped ahead from that lesson in the First Thirty Days.  I introduced the format — opening, work period, and closing — and then I read a story and modeled how to draw a picture from the story, and copy the title of the story.  Then the children read books QUIETLY (it was amazing how quiet they were) and then took their exciting new reading folders and reading journals to draw pictures from the books.  A few of them even wrote the titles on their own; Miss Nelson, Miss Slinger and I helped the rest.  (One poor child laboriously copied the word Scholastic from the cover of his book — I hadn’t the heart to tell him it wasn’t the book’s title.)  Best of all, they got to use the date stamps all by themselves to date their pages.

At closing, almost everyone wanted to share their work with the class.  Phew!  It was an exhausting morning, but I was really pleased with how well it went.  I want them to love reading and writing, and to be ready for reader’s workshop daily in kindergarten.

8 thoughts on “reader’s workshop in preschool

  1. I am getting ready to launch a book study on books by Rosemary Wells. I love the idea of reader’s workshop and think my class would really enjoy this. Can you give me a reference for more information?

  2. Our public school district mandates Reading and Writing Workshop for our full-day public pre-k program. I wrote the curriculum that the district uses for reading and writing workshop in pre-k. Our teachers do both every day, some love it and others don’t. I used it when I was in the classroom and found it to be some of the most powerful and enlightening teacher I have ever done. Kudos to you and good luck!


    • I am going to begin readers workshop in my pre-k class this coming school year. Do you have any suggestions, tips, or advice?

  3. Hi! I am a preschool teacher now.. but im just new to this profession. can i ask your help re designing module workshops for preschoolers? 🙂 please email me.. thanks!

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