conducting the preschool symphony

Things I heard today:

*the music of Dan Zanes, which I played during journal time

*Ruby, telling Miss Slinger very clearly and indignantly that Boy A had touched her on her bottom.

*Miss Slinger putting my sudden thoughts into words:  “Maybe he’s the one who has been touching Princess on her bottom!”  Princess is nowhere near as articulate as Ruby; in fact, she can barely tell a coherent story.  And the boy who normally stands behind Princess and in front of Boy A has been gone all week….So maybe Boy A — who is quite restless and is always touching other kids — has been touching her on her bottom all week!  And Princess might have gotten it mixed up and told her mom it happened on the bus.  AUGH!

*Edward, struggling to count to one.  No, I am not kidding.

*”Three!  Four!!  Two!”  the class shouting out numbers after I asked them to listen to my castanet sounds and count in their heads how many clicks I made.  This turned out to be quite difficult.

*Chester telling me quite confidently the sounds for five letters of the alphabet.  He also counted to five for me, accurately, and in English.  Phew!

*The noise of the kindergarten class next door, totally running their inexperienced sub ragged.  (Miss Slinger said that when she peeked in, the sub mouthed to her the words, “this sucks!”)  Poor woman.

*The silence that fell next door when the Prince went in and restored order.

*My sneezes, which increased in frequency as the morning progressed.  I suppose stress can weaken your immune system….

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