bus behavior

So…I get to school this morning after not being able to request a sub, and get a note from the district transportation office saying that on the way home Tuesday, my babies were HORRIBLE. 

Apparently they were running around the bus and fighting and ignoring the driver completely.  She had to pull over to the side of the road three times, to no avail.

Then I get to my room and there’s an angry grandma.  Her grandson was hit and punched by “four Mexican boys” and what am I gonna do about it?!  Somehow I managed to talk her down.  I reassured her, and told her I, too, was appalled to hear about the behavior on the bus, and that I would take care of it.  I also told her all the steps I’d be taking.  (I also mentioned that I know who the likely worst culprits are, and some of them are not Hispanic, and some of them are not boys.)  She left mollified, thank goodness.

Step one:  write a letter to the parents describing the behavior and asking their help in teaching the children the importance of bus safety.

Step two:  get the letter translated (THANK you Rita!).

Step three:  ask the behavior lady to come to my class to talk about bus safety, and how riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.  (She was great.  The kids listened really seriously.)

Step four:  send home my letter, and walk the kids to the bus, and assign each one a seat.  Have them apologize to the driver (she’s new, which could be part of the problem) and go over the rules one more time.

I really hope I hear good things about the bus ride when I talk to the driver tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “bus behavior

  1. OK, I’m sorry, maybe I’m just a cranky bitch, but how the hell is their bus behavior YOUR responsibility?!!? Everyone of the trouble maker’s parents should be called, not you. Hopefully, your letter will make a difference. You’re a better person than I am, because I would not be dealing with this, or pacifying an angry grandma. I would have sent her straight to the office and let them deal with her. Then again, things are probably done much differently here at the Hell-Hole than they are at a “real” school, huh?

  2. Um, well, yeah. I was kinda wondering the same thing. BUT…they are my babies. I know I’m like their other mother, and if their real mothers aren’t going to teach them how to behave on a bus, then I will.

    I usually put them on the bus, but on Tuesday I didn’t. So they went wild. Now I have to put them on the bus every day. Augh.

    When I do, I remind them of what they need to do to be safe, and I remind them to listen to Mr. Y or Miss Z, the driver, and then I tell them I love them. And all these little voices say, “We love you, Mrs. X!” And then I don’t feel quite so aggravated.

  3. Well, I can totally see that, then. My babies do the same silly thing every God blessed time I take them to a prep 🙂 They all start flashing me the “I love you” sign, and yelling out, “I love you, Mrs. L.!” “I’ll miss you, Mrs. L.!” and so on. I’m just sorry you’ll be stuck doing it every day 😦

  4. Yep, I agree you didn’t HAVE to do anything. But I know how frustrating it is to see ‘your’ kids misbehave when you’re not around. That just burns me up, because I know they’re capable of so much more and I want everyone to see what great kids they are.

  5. Yikes… What a tough way to start the day. Hopefully things went a lot better after the lessons. You are right that the children need to be taught by someone, especially someone they trust and admire. It is a wonderful thing that you are there for them.

    In our school district any bus behavior is actually handled by the bus company and police officers. The schools won’t even touch bad bus behavior. They just give you the numbers to call. Our buses even have video recorders on them now.

    Not really very comforting, since I have a 7th grader who needs to ride one every day, and the stories he tells make me want to cry. He’s been fine, so far, but my goodness, there are some unruly and undisciplined children in this world. **sigh**

  6. Holy cow! You poor thing. I also take responsibility for my little pumpkins. However, in our district, the bus drivers are responsible for the kids behavior. They have a system of “tickets” just like the police and the kids who cause problems are removed from the bus in suspension and their parents have to have a meeting with the driver and the head of transportation before they can resume riding. The parents are then responsible for getting the students to school every day. That usually fixes the problem. Most of our parents both work and can’t take time off easily.

  7. They were all good on the bus going home. The bus driver looked really relieved, and grateful.

    However, she did have one complaint. Lola 2 was disrespectful and refused to listen to her.

    Honestly. I’ve never met a four year old who was so much like a fourteen year old. She’s just this teeny tiny teenager!

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