when technology goes wrong

I woke up feeling ill (after leaving school early with a migraine yesterday), so I decided to request a sub to be on the safe side.

The school district website is down, which means I can’t request a sub.

Which means, off to school I go!  Thank goodness we’ve got a three day weekend coming up.

3 thoughts on “when technology goes wrong

  1. That’s crazy? There’s no plan B? No one to call? When the computerized registers shut down at a retail store, they can still whip out those card imprint rollers and put the sales in later. In a blackout, policemen can still use whistles to communicate. It’s hard to believe there’s no backup plan for something like this! ugh.

  2. It was a “too darn cold for school” snow day today, and we have one for tomorrow (Friday) too. It hit -23 this morning and it’s supposed to be the same for tomorrow. So, I don’t have to teach tomorrow, but I do have to go in and put things away for the weekend.

    I hope you got through the day alright.

    Migraines suck.

  3. Ninja, you’re right. There MUST be a backup system, and I need to find out what it is. Because when I got to school, there was a long list of people who had called in sick! How they managed it, I don’t know.

    Mrs. V., I ended up being fine. But it was a hard day. Amelia Bedelia sent me an email that today is her last day!! And Miss Slinger couldn’t get to work because her car wouldn’t start. Things with Miss Nelson were fine, but Leo was struggling all morning, and most of my prep was lost to the bus stuff.

    I hope today is better. At least we have a three day weekend coming up!

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