thinking ahead to valentine’s day


I missed another day of school today.  Yesterday when I got home from church and teaching Sunday School I was so tired I wanted to cry.  Instead I took yet another nap, and decided to call in sick for today.  At the doctor, I read “Family Fun” magazine and found this fun candy necklace project.  I am still not sure if we’ll be able to pull it off at our Valentine’s Day party, but I’m thinking about it.  Here’s the link.

(Oh, the doctor told me that I’m probably having an allergic reaction to the virus I caught a week and a half ago!  Isn’t that odd — you can be allergic to a virus?  It’s not enough for the virus to make you sick, you can have an allergic reaction on top of everything else?!  Here’s hoping the Claritin works and I start feeling better, finally.)


4 thoughts on “thinking ahead to valentine’s day

  1. That is very strange, being allergic to the virus. Sounds like a movie plot, if you ask me. 🙂

    Here’s hoping you feel better very soon!

    (and I promise I’m going to do that 7 random things about me bit — I just haven’t been able to think of them yet)

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