What to read when your class is being naughty

At the end of a long morning, at the end of a long week.

Teacher:  Children, it has been a hard morning for us.  We’re having a lot of problems with fighting, not listening, fighting over clean-up, yelling….I want you to know that I love you.  And I love you even when you make mistakes, even when you are being wild in the hallway, or when you’re arguing and yelling at centers time.  I love you all the time.  But I want Monday to be a better day.

[Teacher reads No, David! and the children are entranced.  They repeat all the lines after her:  No, David!  No, David, no!  No, no no!  Not in the house, David!  Settle down!  When the mommy hugs David at the end — Yes, David, I love you — the children’s eyes are huge. 

[Next the teacher reads Where the Wild Things Are.  The children join in for the terrible roars and terrible claws…and the teacher starts to relax.  After the goodbye song, a boy who has been having so many struggles he is now on a behavior chart comes up and leans against her.]

Teacher:  Honey, do you need a hug?

Boy:  Yeah.

Teacher:  [hugs him, notices he won’t let go]  Do you just want to sit in my lap?

Boy:  Yes.

[Teacher sits boy in her lap and wraps her arms around him, and continues dismissing children to the cubby.  A girl who has struggled all morning comes up and leans against her, so now she’s got two troublemakers looking for love.]

Teacher:  I love you two very much.  Even when you make mistakes.  Now go to the hallway to get ready, very quietly.

[Filled with love, the boy and girl go out to the hallway, where….the girl sits in her cubby and starts to screech and the boy grabs his jacket and starts whapping other boys with it.]

Teacher sighs.

5 thoughts on “What to read when your class is being naughty

  1. I so enjoy reading your posts. I am feeling a bit deflated this friday too. I hope the weekend holds plenty of time to decompress.

  2. Thank you, Juliann. I really appreciate your comments, and I’m glad you like the blog. I went to a wine and trivia night tonight, had several glasses of wine, came in 8th out of 23 teams, so I’m feeling like the weekend has started off right.

  3. Are you sure you haven’t been hiding out in my classroom? LOL!

    I swear it’s the weather.

    Except I didn’t read those books, our Second Step puppets, Impulsive Puppy and Slow Down Snail made a visit and talked about accidents/on purpose and caring for others. The effect lasted about 10 minutes. LOL.

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