new blogs

So yesterday I checked my blog stats and saw a referral to my blog from a blog I had never heard of.  I clicked on the link and found this

Was that a day-brightener or what?  It is wonderful to find that people actually read what you write, and when they like it, too — whoo hoo!

Thinking back to when I was a brand-new blogger, and how I struggled to get myself known, I thought I’d use this post to give a shout-out to some new bloggers.  (Actually, some of them might not be new, just new to me.)

Teaching to Dream

Pre-K Pages

Sun Moon Stars Rain

Miss Brave Teaches NYC

Preschool Playbook

The Perpetual Student Teacher

Teaching Kindergarten

Everyone Knows When I Have a Bad Hair Day

ChiTown Girl

Many thanks for sending people to my blog!  I hope this post helps to return the favor.

7 thoughts on “new blogs

  1. Yes – you are amazing. Thrills me to know others now know this fact I’ve known for . . . well, we’ll say awhile. Continually impressed . . .

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