More wild things


This is I Love to Read Month — and I’m in charge.  Since I was sick the last two weeks of January, I didn’t plan much.  We are, however, doing a decorate-your-door contest.

Each class has decorated their door to show their favorite book; the judging is today and I will find out tomorrow who has won.  The winning classrooms get gift certificates to Target for the teachers, and a popcorn party for the kids.

We did Where The Wild Things Are, obviously.  Miss Slinger drew a wonderful Max in the lower right corner, and a few of the children helped her paint the grass and the tree.  I sat at the art table and had the children draw wild things.  They turned out really well, I thought.



6 thoughts on “More wild things

  1. That IS a great drawing of Max. I was going to ask where you found such a great door covering. The children made some great “wild things.” I love this book. Good luck!

  2. We didn’t win, alas. The teacher who did win teaches kindergarten, and her class did a really nice job of drawing pictures of the red cow and yellow dog and green duck (and etc.) from I Went Walking. So I didn’t begrudge her the win.

  3. I appreciate that the children made the wild things. Your Max is adorable too. So many times, the children do not get to participate. GOOD JOB.

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