Princess, on arriving at school:  Mrs. X, I have a mole in my tummy!

Teacher:  A mole?  Is it a mole ON your tummy?

Princess:  Yeah!  I have a mole on my tummy!

Teacher:  That’s okay.  I have moles, too.

Princess:  There’s a mole in my tummy, and it hurts!

Teacher:  Sweetie, do you have an owie on your tummy?

Princess:  Yeah!  No.  It’s just a mole!

Teacher, confused:  Well, if it’s just a mole, then you’ve probably had it your whole life.  If it’s an owie, it will get better soon.

Princess:  Okay!  [Princess always speaks in exclamation marks.]  But there really is a mole in my tummy!

Teacher:  Do you want to show it to me?

Princess, who has been playing with her shirt and lifting it up and down:  No, I don’t want to show you my tummy!  [laughing]

Mrs. X., to Miss Slinger:  I really wish that child would learn how to speak in coherent sentences.

4 thoughts on “Mole

  1. Later that morning Princess lifted up her shirt in morning meeting and said, “Ow!” and “Look at my owie, teacher!” but there was nothing there. She never complained of a stomachache and was in fine fettle all morning.

    I remain mystified.

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