Princess is learning and growing

Princess is a totally delightful — if chatterboxy — child.  She just doesn’t know a lot of things.  Speaking in coherent sentences is one of those things, yes, but also colors, numbers, letters, etc..

So it was a wonderful surprise today when I taught the kids the letter Gg and the sound it makes, and then when we went through the letter cards and I got to capital G, Princess was the first one to call out the sound.

She was like that all day.  She actually started paying attention (instead of chattering to herself or her neighbor all through morning meeting) and listening and remembering.  When we sang our new counting to four song, Princess was right there with us.  When we counted the days we’ve been in school (92!), Princess hung in there valiantly.  When we listened to construction noises and had to guess what they were, Princess was the first to identify the hammer sound.

Miss Slinger and I talked about her after the kids went home, and were both so proud of her and the great day she had.

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