Swimmy got glasses!  He was gone one day — unusual for him — and the next day, he was back with specs.  Unlike Victor, who hated getting glasses and only wears them (almost) daily now because of my encouragement/nagging, Swimmy was clearly very proud of them. 

I’d had no idea he had trouble with his vision.  But that day at morning meeting he drove me crazy with his constant singing of the alphabet song.  It was Miss Slinger who figured out what was going on.

“He can finally see the alphabet chart above the blackboard!  He never knew it was there, but now he can see it, and he was so excited he just had to point to the letters and sing the ABC song.”

Bless Swimmy and his new glasses.  And his eye doctor.


3 thoughts on “glasses

  1. It’s wonderful that Swimmy can see now. 🙂 I’ve got two preschoolers with glasses. One likes to wear them, the other child conveniently loses her pair quite frequently. And then she complains that she can’t see. Really? I wonder why? LOL

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